When I am Tempted to Doubt,

Acts 16:31, John 12:46, Mark 9:23

When I am tempted to doubt, I like to think about…

…the reasons why doubt is dumb.

Doubt is dumb.  I know that sounds a bit brash,  but while I struggle with doubt, I know logically that it’s a wasted emotional turmoil.  So when doubt comes knocking I have to sit myself down and say:  “Look Maciena.  You are being dumb.”

Doubt is that fear that something won’t work, and it’s the complete opposite of faith.  In theory, the person of faith doesn’t have doubt.  But doubt is hard to control as a person. I know that I can’t seem to completely expel the doubt in my heart.   I don’t want it there, but it’s the flesh.

When I sit myself down, I remind myself what God has promised.  He’s promised if I ask, he’ll give.  If I seek, he’ll find.  If I knock, he’ll open the door.  The should be no doubt if God will provide.  So I have to think about what God has done for me.  How he has always provided, always been there.

Doubt is dumb, we need to always remind ourselves how capable our God is.


What do you do when you are feeling doubt?




I Open my Heart and Hands to Those in Need by…


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Proverbs 19:17, Proverbs 14:21, Psalm 112:9

I Open my Heart and Hands to Those in Need by…

Today’s world makes me not want to help others.  Because a lot of times those who do good deeds are often condemned for it.  But it’s still a call on anyone who calls themselves a Christian to do good and help others.   So while I don’t go on this widespread huge mission to help others.   I try to do something small every day to help others.

Most of the time I go for a kind word to someone who I feel like might be struggling.  I try to just be nice.   I know that might not be what this devotional means, but it’s what I do.   I try to not draw attention to it either, which is why I’m just skimming the surface here.

It’s important for us to just have open hearts.  It’s so easy to shut ourselves off, but when we close our hearts, we turn off the ability to be sympathetic.  When we stop being sympathetic we stop being helpful to others.  And really, if Christians can’t be helpful to others, then what are we doing?

How do you open your heart to others?



I Can Overcome my Fears Because…


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Isaiah 40:29, Psalm 37:3, 2 Kings 6:16

I can overcome my fears because Christ is within me, and for me.

I really don’t know about anyone else, this is me, all me.  Life is incredibly terrifying.  Between the political standoffs, games, accusations, and topsy-turvy chaos.  To the extremely angry people who walk among us.   To the evils that are just out to get us.  The world is scary.  And it’s very easy of me to just stay inside and lock it all out.  In fact, I have been.  I only go when I need to.

But, and there is a but, God doesn’t want that for me or anyone else.

God has never given me a spirit of fear.  But rather he’s given me the word to trust him, to believe in him, have faith, and lean on him.  So when the fear of anything starts to creep in I have to stand firm and remind myself who I belong to.  Sometimes that is really hard to do for me. But I’m trying daily to tell myself, Maciena, you are a child of the King. You don’t have to be fearful.

When it comes over to fear I have to just keep knowing that Christ is within me.  That I can deal with whatever is thrown at me because I have Christ.

How do you overcome your own fear?



The Things I’m Learning About My Faith Include…


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Hebrews 11:1, Lamentations 3:22-23, Galatians 3:26

The things I’m learning about my faith includes my faith has power.

Faith is a growing, changing, expanding thing for me.  For most people, I believe.  But the one thing I’ve noticed is that when I really lean into my faith, I can feel the power that is there.

When I just stop overthinking, stop doubting, and just believe wholeheartedly in God. This powerful feeling overwhelms me, and it’s just perfect.  There is no other way of describing how God’s touch feels.  But it’s just a matter of leaning into my faith.

Faith can move mountains.  It’s something most Christians have said at one point or another.  But the thing is, it’s the truth. Having faith and using it can move the mountains in your life.  God just wants us to trust him and faith is a way of showing that.

What are you learning about your faith?



When I am Struggling with Forgiveness, it’s Important for Me to…


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Mark 11:25, Matthew 6:14, Romans 12:21

When I am struggling with forgiveness, it’s important for me to step up and forgive anyway.

The Bible is clear, we are supposed to forgive others.  It might be one of the hardest things that the Bible instructs us to do.  I could probably list a ton of people who have wronged me in some way.  I could give reason after reason why I shouldn’t forgive these people.  But that is the flesh talking.  Flesh isn’t supposed to be in control.  The spiritual man is supposed to be in control.

Every time forgiveness has come up in any devotional I have written, I’ve called it tricky.  I linked some of my past blogs on forgiveness at the bottom.

Forgiveness isn’t tricky, but it’s hard.  But it’s necessary for each and every one of us to do.  It’s one of the harder things I deal with.  But I have to step up and forgive anyway.  I have to make the choice to not be angry or hurt anymore.  I have to list the reason why forgiveness is the right track.

I don’t even look at it as being the better person, but rather being the person who is Christ-like.  When we are all Christ-like, we all win.

Infinite Forgiveness
the Blessing of Forgiveness
the Choice of Forgiveness


What do you have to do to help you forgive?




When I am tempted to gossip, God’s word reminds me…


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Leviticus 19:16, Proverbs 18:8, Psalm 52:2

When I’m tempted to gossip, God’s word reminds me words hurt.

The little rhyme children were (are?) taught that sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.   Well, we all know it’s not true.

Words, especially false one directed with the intent to tear a person down hurt.  Now there is a line between all this safe space and your words are fatal because you like red and the other likes blue.  What I mean when I say words hurt, is when someone I trusted is speaking about me to others and it’s very negative.   I found out a person was speaking about me and my parenting skills to others.  It was like there was this little club about how horrible of a parent I was.  And I was already beating myself up about how I felt like a failure.  I had been spending hours about how I couldn’t seem to manage these two little humans.  How I felt like I was failing them.  Then I find out that this person who I respected was speaking so badly of me.

It cut me.

Now, I’m one who lives my life and sort of just does things without explanation or announcement, which has to lead to me being the topic of gossip on more than one occasion.  And each and every time I found out someone was speaking poorly of me, it really hurt.

So gossiping is something that we should all avoid.  The scriptures provided with today’s devotional is enough of a reason why we shouldn’t speak about people.

I’m just going to plain: when we hear something about someone our job is not to go to a third-party and repeat it.  Our job is to either be our brother’s keeper.  You can go to them, say I heard this, can I help? Or just pray for them.  There is no reason for any of us to gossip about one another.

It is my opinion that if we just stopped talking about people, but prayed for them, we all be a better off.


What does God word remind you when it comes to the temptation of gossip?



I Trust the Lord to Guide me in All Ways, Including…


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Isaiah 30:21, Psalm 48:14, Isaiah 28:26

I trust the Lord to guide me in all ways, including…

When I first started this devotional book, the very first entry was “My Faith Grows Strong when I…” and I wrote:

Trusting my faith isn’t easy for me to do.

And when it came time to write this devotional I got stuck.  Because I wanted to write about how I trust God to guide me in this and that way and the more I thought on it the more I realized, I really have this hard time trusting God to guide me.

The fleshy man is still strong than the spiritual man in me.  I felt so discouraged by this train of thought, I just kind of froze with the devotional.

Now, I feel like a conundrum because I do trust God.  I do.  But to give a list of how feels impossible.  It feels like maybe I don’t.  And because other things were going on in my life. I just paused the devotional post.  For that, I must apologize to any and all that read this.

So, I trust God to guide me in my path.  While I am not always listening and following him and his directions. But I do trust that he has a path for me.  That I have a destination, and the way my life goes will be guiding me to that place.  I know that Heaven is the ultimate destination.  But I also know he has a job for me to do while I’m on Earth and I believe that he’s leading me to that. Now much like GPS will recalculate if I miss a turn, I feel like God has to do that with me.

I trust God to keep me and my family safe.  Even in bad situations, I know that he has a hedge of protection around us because I ask for one daily.  I believe that he will have his hand on us in any situation. I know that even in the bad, he has a plan, that he’s going to see us through.

I trust God to teach me, educate me on how I should live.  How I should treat others.   I trust him to show me who to be as a person.  How to handle difficult situations.  How to be a good person.

Now that I’m over my freeze point.  I’m aware of how much I really do trust God, but it’s still a learning curve with me.  I’m still working on balancing the flesh with the spiritual.  It’s not an easy journey, but it’s the one I’m on.


How do you trust God to guide you?



When Trouble comes, I Rely on God For…


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Psalm 37:39, Nahum 1:7, Psalm 32:7

When trouble comes, I rely on God for answers.

Trouble comes in all forms.  At times, we see trouble simply as a bad day or a small trial.  Other times the trouble is big, life-altering things.  Either way, relying on God is the way to go.  Because at all times, God is there for you.

For me, when trouble comes, my knee-jerk reaction is to be extremely whiny.  I don’t like trouble, in any format.  But once my spiritual man gets a hold of the fleshy side, then it becomes very clear that I need to go to my heavenly father to sort the trouble out.  God provides the answers that I need daily in his word, with the spirit, and just by worshiping.

There is this saying that God never gives you more than you can handle, and the truth is I hate that saying.   Because I do think God allows you to go through more than you can handle.  Because if you can handle it, then why do you need God??  Now I require God.  There are days, I need him to get out of bed.  I need his constant assistance.  So when the trouble comes, my need for him multiplies.  No matter where the trouble is coming from.  My own doing, a test, a senseless act, it matters not.  I NEED God.

God has my answers, my reasons, my clarifications that I can make sense of the path I’m on.

What do you rely on God for when the trouble comes?





God Gives Me Hope Because…


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1 Peter 1:21, Colossians 1:5, Psalm 31:24

God gives me hope because of the promises.

Hope is the belief in something better is coming.  Or at least that is how I see it.  So when I say that God gives me hope, it is mean saying I believe that God is giving a better future.  I believe this because God has given us so many promises in the word of God. Of those promises, Heaven has been promised.  So I know that no matter what this world brings when I leave this world, I have Heaven to look forward to.  It’s something better coming for me and my life.

For me, it’s really just that simple.  Call it my upbringing or my faith, I don’t care, but I know I can always have hope that things will improve because I trust in the Lord and his word.

Why does God give you hope?




The Joy of the Lord Bubbles Over Within Me When…


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Psalm 118:15, John 15:11, Habakkuk 3:18

The joy of the Lord bubbles over within me when  I turn all things Maciena off.

That sounds so dumb.  But you have no idea what all goes on in my head.    How many places and fast my brain can swing around an idea and be in a different world.  Before I blink.  But when I stop. And just think Jesus.  The joy bubbles and things are just what they need to be.

Take Sunday.  I was focused.  I was ready. I was willing.  When the spirit of the Lord hit, well, Maciena took a backseat, heck I think Maciena got out of the car.  Because all I could feel was the joy of chains breaking and the spirit moving.  Things just changed, and I was joyous.

I’m ashamed to say too many times I can be so close to breaking through, and I allow myself to derail it.  To derail the joy from coming in.  So that is why when Sunday happened I was so overcome with happiness.

There are a lot of things that can break our hearts, destroy our smiles, and make us regret getting out of bed.  That is life.  But the good news is Jesus is our salvation, our joy, our hope, and our path.  When we choose to stick to Jesus things just are better.

When do you feel joyous?  When does the joy overwhelm you?  What do you do when you need to find your joy?

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